How do I increase my number of booking requests? What is my Cleanify Pro score?

Cleanify's fulfillment technology sends real job requests to professionals in the order of how well they perform on the platform - this measurement is called the Cleanify Pro Score. It's calculated with:

  • Commitment Rate - The number of jobs completed at the original time window agreed compared to the number of total jobs confirmed.

ACTION: Keep your commitment by arriving in the start window and communicate with Cleanify quickly when you cannot. Minimize the cancelations, reschedules, and early or late arrival time requests you initiate. If you must cancel or reschedule, do so 48 hours or as early as possible to minimize the negative impact. (note* - customer initiated cancelations and reschedules do not count against your fulfillment rate)

  • Customer Satisfaction - The percentage of 5-star ratings your receive from customers.

ACTION: Get high customer ratings (click here to see how). Encourage customer feedback. After each job, the customer has the chance to provide an overall rating of their experience with your service. If you get a negative review, reply right away with a helpful response to improve the poor experience of the customer.

  • Jobs Completed - The number of jobs completed using Cleanify.

ACTION: Complete and get paid for more jobs via Cleanify by accepting more jobs and promoting your storefront (click here).

  • Repeat Customers - The number of future customers you have that complete repeat bookings on Cleanify.

ACTION: Make all customers happy on each service to keep serving them. Help one-time customers book again asking them to book on Cleanify again and by promoting your storefront (click here).


Other things you can do to increase your number of new booking requests:

  • Keep your Cleanify Storefront up-to-date - Add a personal profile photo, write a catchy description, and select a competitive price in your admin. (click here)
  • Connect other websites to your Cleanify Storefront - Connect your your website, Yelp Page, Better Business Bureau page, and other pages to your Cleanify Storefront to your website.
  • Be social online - Share the reviews you get and your Cleanify Storefront on Facebook, get a published in the Cleanify Magazine and share it online.
  • Promote your Cleanify Storefront offline - Create business cards and other promotional materials with your cleanify Storefront link and ask customers to use them and share them with others.

Cleanify is always improving upon the factors that increase the professional's number of new booking requests. Login to to message us and provide suggestions!

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