Getting started

Upon registering with Cleanify as a professional, these are the steps you can take to get going:

  1. Login here with your registered email address.
  2. Ensure you have a mobile phone number registered so you can receive real job offers.
  3. Establish your service area with your postal / zip code, your service radius and service area exceptions.
  4. Set your preferred pay rate per cleaner per hour, profile photo (high quality personal portrait head-shots are best), business description, services offer and other business settings.

You are now ready to get real jobs via Cleanify in two ways:

  1. Storefront - New and existing customers can book you directly via the your personalized Storefront. (read more)
  2. Marketplace job offers - The marketplace finds customers and offers vetted cleaning professionals these jobs via text message. These are real customers and real job offers (not leads) (read more)



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