What is my Cleanify Storefront? How do I use it?

Your Cleanify Storefront allows you to increase your number of online bookings. With a world-class design geared for what customers care about (trust, safety, reliability), new visitors and new customers alike are able to purchase your services in just 90 seconds. Here is an example:

When you login to your Cleanify Pro account, you are able to customize your Storefront including your hourly pricing, service area, a profile photo, description, services offered, and business hours.

When customers book via your Storefront, you will receive an automated text messages with up to five time slots the customer is requesting your services. If you accept the job, you and the customer will receive an automated confirmation email with the job details. All payment and job processes are similar with the exception that you cover the customer support for the booking with the customer. (what's Storefront / VIP?)

Professionals use their storefront shortlink on their business cards and other marketing materials to make it easy for their customers to book them, and to help their customers refer friends to your business.

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