How do estimates and labor hours work? What if my cleaning needs more labor hours than originally booked?

When booking on Cleanify, you book up to a certain number of labor hours. For example, four labor hours could be one cleaner for four hours or two cleaners for two hours (currently, you are not able to select the number of cleaners who will complete your booking).

The recommended labor hours is based on information provided by the customer and information gathered from providers and the thousands of bookings completed via Cleanify. Most estimates on Cleanify are accurate, but some will require adjustments due to factors including cleanliness of space, actual square footage and specific job requirements. 

When the estimated number of labor hours is under the time required to complete the job requirements, cleaning service professionals are expected to get in touch with you before the job begins if additional time may be required.

If asked to extend additional time, you can either choose to prioritize the areas you want completed within the labor hours booked OR accept additional labor hours charges (the hourly rate is in your emails and your Cleanify account).

After the job is completed, your service professional will let Cleanify know labor hours were added and you will be charged according to the additional hourly rate of your order.



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