What do I need to know about getting paid?

IMPORTANT: We recently upgraded our payment system to pay professionals on Cleanify Pro faster. If you are a professional who got paid via Qwil.


  • We send your payments at the same time the customer is charged after the schedule service time.
  • Your payout will arriving in your bank account within 2-5 business days of you completing the service, depending on your bank (first payment may take up to 7 calendar days for some banks).
  • Cleanify Pro pays you via bank transfer through Stripe, a leading global secure payment processing platform. (see more at
  • Types of earnings:
    • Original Job Estimate - The day after the service is completed, Cleanify Pro sends your payout to your Stripe account for the original job estimate. You do not need to take any action to make this payment happen.
    • Additional Job Charges - You may also charge customers for additional costs such as labor hours, other services, adjustments and reimbursements such as parking by going to the order in your admin and filling out the appropriate information. You should always confirm these charges with the customer prior to submitting for additional charges in your Cleanify Pro account.
    • Tips - Customers have the opportunity to add a tip to their order and Cleanify will process these on your behalf.

New Professionals (and those connected to Qwil)

  • Click here to login to your Cleanify Pro account to connect and setup a Stripe account to get paid to your bank account.
  • Your first payment will take up to 7 calendar days to reach your bank account, and subsequent payments will take 2-5 business days, depending on your bank.

Getting Payment Help

  • Your earnings and payouts to Stripe are available in your "Earnings" section in your account. 
  • If you have questions about a particular order, fill out the form from the order you have a question about in your account.

Pros connected to Qwil must transfer over to Stripe. A final Qwil payment will be processed for any jobs completed after June 30, 2017 towards the end of July. Accounts not connected to Stripe by after June 30, 2017 may have further delays and complications with payment.

Cleanify Pro pays into a bank account via Qwil:

  • You will receive a statement between Friday-Sunday each week for jobs completed the previous Friday-Thursday. If your statement is incorrect, login to your Cleanify account to notify Cleanify Pro within 24 hours so it can be corrected in the following week's statement.
  • You will generally receive your payment by the Friday after you receive your statement. Banking Holidays in the United States and Canada may cause delay in your payment.
  • Qwil's service may enable you to cash-out your money sooner than Friday each week for a small fee (currently USA only)

Getting Payment Help if you were paid via Qwil

  • If you have already submitted your banking details to get paid and you have received a statement from Cleanify, please email for assistance regarding your payment.
  • If you want to update your existing banking details to a new account, you must update them by logging in to your Qwil account.
  • If you have questions about submitting your banking details for direct deposit or about your statement from Cleanify, login to your Cleanify account to contact Cleanify.
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