How do I get jobs?

To get jobs via Cleanify:

  1. Get Storefront offers by promote your own Cleanify Storefront (learn more)
  2. Get VIP bookings through our marketplace by completing account activation and increase your Cleanify Pro Score

We have built a simple technology tool that sends you job offers via text message. Simply reply with the code the job is yours. If you reply to accept the job, you are committing to doing the job at the specified time.

The text will be sent from one of these numbers depending on your country:

  • USA 415-360-1654
  • Canada 604-229-3707 

These text messages are automated, which means humans are not reading these messages. Do not attempt to communicate to us through these messages. Click here to Contact Cleanify Pro.

We are always improving our texting tool, so you may see periodic changes around functionality and job offers.

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