What if the customer isn’t home and I cannot gain entry to the space?

Customers get a text from Cleanify the morning of the cleaning letting them know who their cleaning service to minimize lockout situations, in addition to an email reminder the morning before.

Cleanify recommends texting or calling the customer one hour before your arrival to maximize the chances of smooth entry to get your spending time on what you're best at: cleaning!

Sometimes, you'll have problems gaining entry. Here is what you should do when you cannot gain entry:

  1. Ensure you have followed the booking notes for your job in from your account (don't use the email sent the day before as the customer may have updated the entry instructions).
  2. Knock on the door, ring the doorbell, get help from an attendent or nearby resident.
  3. Call and text and text the customer immediately. You text can say: "Hi [Customer Name], this is [Your Cleaning Service Name] about your Cleanify cleaning. After looking at your entry instructions, I am not able to gain entry. Please call me ASAP to help so I can complete your cleaning. I will wait for 15 minutes."
  4. Take a photo at the entrance to the place with the house / unit number visible.
  5. Wait at least 15 minutes and call and text the customer again that you are leaving. Text can say: "I am leaving now. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete your cleaning due to not being able to gain entry. Please contact Cleanify to reschedule. Have a great day and I hope to be back to your place soon!"
  6. Login to your Cleanify account and fill out the "Cannot gain entry" flow for the corresponding job. You will be asked to upload the photo you took at the location, and screenshots of the call log and text messages you sent to the customer. You are entitled to an appropriate late cancelation fee (click here for fees).


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