What is Cleanify? How does it work?

Cleanify is the easiest way to book and manage cleaning services for your home.

We help you estimate the hours for the type of cleaning you need.  Then, when a booking request is submitted, Cleanify matches you with a top-rated cleaning service business in your area at your preferred start time. You'll get communication when you are matched with a top-rated business in your area and we begin our support to ensure you get your home cleaned.

Using Cleanify to book your next home cleaning gives you:

  • Access to the largest pool of top-rated professionals in your area. Whether your schedule changes or the pro cancels, we are there to find a replacement as soon as possible
  • Reminders to both customers and pros, so neither forget about the appointment
  • Easy changes and requests, log in to your account using your email to make changes to your booking or report any concerns
  • Pay by credit card - no cash transactions, we charge you next day 
  • Happiness Guarantee - we help facilitate a dispute against any poor service and if you wish, ensure you don't get matched with the same company again 


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