How do you know how much to pay me?

There are three ways to get earnings on Cleanify:

  1. Original Job Estimates Charged Automatically - We payout your earnings for the original estimate of each job automatically.
  2. Additional Charges Initiated by You - You can create a charge from by logging into your account and charging the customer for additional labor hours, additional flat-rate labor, and reimbursements like parking. Please verify and agree on these charges (via text and/or phone call) prior to submitted to Cleanify as these charges will happen automatically.
  3. Tips Initiated by the Customer - Customers are given the chance to tip you when they review your service. You will be notified of the tip via email and it will 

You can also submit refunds to the customer. To initiated a refund, login to your account and clicking "Respond to complaint" and offering a refund. Cleanify will charge you for the refund amount you initiate against your earnings account.

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