How do Cleanify online estimates work? How do I add labor hours?

To add labor hours:

1) Check with the customer* before the start of the cleaning to either (a) prioritize and stay within the estimate or (b) agree to go up to a certain labor hours over the estimate. See below for details.

2) On the day of service after the job is complete, login to your account to make the request from the appropriate job. Cleanify will validate this request with the customer and process the payment in the next pay cycle.

* if you cannot reach the customer, get in touch with Cleanify immediately by accessing chat or text message from your account

More details:

When customers book on Cleanify, they book up to an estimated number of labor hours (for example, four labor hours is one cleaner for four hours or two cleaners for two hours). Your payment is based on this number of labor hours.

Labor hours are estimated online based on feedback from professionals, thousands of jobs booked on Cleanify, the estimated size of the place, and the type of cleaning (see cleaning types).

As a professional on Cleanify, your role is to make the customer happy using the job notes, what's typically included and the customer's requests at the time of the job. If you have questions about the requirements before the job, contact Cleanify.

We understand that some jobs may be under-booked due to a number of factors including the actual size of the space, how dirty the place is, the amount of furniture, intricate objects, etc. When the estimated number of labor hours is under the time required to complete the job, you will need to get in touch with the customer before the job begins.

When speaking with or texting the customer, provide two options by saying something like: 

Our goal is to make you happy with your cleaning expectations. Based on the scope of the job and the specific tasks, we may need more labor hours for this job than originally estimated due to {insert the reasons}. Would you prefer to (1) prioritize your tasks and have us work until the time is complete or (2) work through all the jobs and add (INSERT LABOR HOUR AMOUNT) labor hours to the job cost?"

If the customer has questions about the rate they will be charged, tell them it is in their booking email or Cleanify account. Don't tell them they will be charged at your hourly rate because this rate can be lower or higher than they are paying due to discounts, taxes and fees Cleanify applies.

If you have issues with the customer refusing to add labor hours or modifying the scope given the allocated time, please get in touch with us immediately by accessing chat or text message from your account.


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