Cancellation & change time/date (reschedule) policies

Cleanify has a cancelation and reschedule policy designed with equality in mind for both customers and cleaning services. When customers are confirmed for a certain booking time, they should be granted their request. When pros make time in their schedule to service a customer, they should be compensated for that time. Here are the cancelation policy specifics:

When you (the professional) initiate the cancellation or change time/date

We get it. Issues with getting a cleaner to a job may come up and you may need to cancel or reschedule a job on occasion.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, login to your account to change / cancel from the appropriate job as soon as possible.

We treat cancelations / reschedules seriously as they can lead to a poor customer experience. Cancelations also hurt the reliability of the Cleanify marketplace, which means less customers making bookings.

Two important notes about canceling or requesting reschedule:

  1. Your rating - The later your cancelation is reported, the more it hurts your rating and your ability to get jobs in the future.
  2. Fees may be applied to your payout for a cancelation/reschedule request as follows:
  • Jobs canceled more than 48 hours: no fee
  • Jobs canceled under 48 hours before or no show: $50

If you have an established recurring customer, please submit the reschedule request so we can update the date of the booking accordingly. In cases where reschedule is initiated by the customer, this will not impact your rating.

When the customer initiates the cancellation or change time/date

Customers booking on Cleanify also change their plans and will cancel or requested to change the time / date of their booking.

When the customer requests a new time/date, you will be offered the job at the new time/date before any other professionals on the platform. In some cases, the job will be offered to other professionals if we do not hear from you promptly (usually within 1-2 business hours).

When you experience a cancelation or changed time/date, you are entitled payouts as follows:

  • Job canceled by customers more than 48 hours: no fee
  • Job canceled under 48 hours before: $50
  • Job canceled due to not being able to gain entry or contact the customer: $50 (click here for details)

If you have an established recurring customer who makes a cancelation or change time/date request, you will set the cancelation fee and the customer will be charged accordingly plus Cleanify administration fees.


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