A Great Walkthrough = A Successful Cleaning

Happy customers and 5 star ratings come from a having a great walkthrough when arriving to a job. Understanding what the customer's expectations are, areas in the house to pay special attention to, and having clear communication about how the cleaning is going to be completed sets the foundations for a successful cleaning. Most problems on a job can be avoided by simply having a conversation and walking through the house with your customer. Here is a great guidelines on how to do a complete walkthrough:

  • Know all of the details about the job.
    • You can always check the job details in your Cleanify Pro account
    • Know the type of cleaning and ensure you are prepared 
    • Know the add-ons - These are the priorities that the customer has specifically asked for you to clean
    • Check the additional notes for any other information the customer wanted you to know
  • Understand the customers expectations
    • After walking through the house with the customer you should know what they are expecting AND if there is enough time
      • If you need more time make sure you confirm with the customer the additional time
      • If they do not want to pay for additional time then make sure you understand what they want done during the time they are paying for
  • Take pictures of any areas that could potentially be a problem
    • Everyone understands there are some things that just wont get clean
      • If you think that is the case or there is some previous damage that you want to make us aware of, please take pictures on your phone and send them in through your Cleanify Pro account using the form on the job details page
    • Let the customer know you are taking the pictures and why. They will understand as long as you are communicating with them


If you follow these 3 rules we are confident that you will be developing great experiences with your customers that will in turn deliver great ratings and tips for your cleaning business. Thank you and Happy Cleaning!


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