Getting paid - Connecting to Stripe

Now that Cleanify has upgraded to Stripe for all Pro payouts we want to ensure Pros understand how to connect their bank account to Stripe. Stripe is the leader in secure online payments and the right choice for Cleanify and our Pros.

Reminder - The first payment made from Cleanify to your Stripe account may take up to 7 calendar days to process for account security purposes.

After the account is verified payments will be transferred the morning after the job is completed. Here is the process to connect your account. 

  • Log in to your Cleanify Pro account here at
  • This takes you to your Cleanify Pro administration page. 
  • Go to your 'Earnings' tab on the left sidebar.
  • Click on the blue 'Connect with Stripe' button


  • Fill out the form with all of your information
  • When the form asks for 'Your website' make sure to enter your Cleanify storefront url in this section. 
    • You can find this in your Cleanify Admin in the right sidebar under your earnings summary.



  • More information regarding your Cleanify Storefront here.


After you finish entering all of your information in the form you are all set! All future jobs will be run through Stripe and payments will be processed the day after a completed job. Thank you and happy cleaning!


Some troubleshooting:

If you are having trouble connecting your Stripe account you may have submitted the form in error and created an account. You can check this by clicking the 'Connect with Stripe' button and then try to 'Sign In' on the next page. 


If you think you forgot the password just use the 'Forgot your password' button and Stripe will assist you in resetting it.


Due to the security protocols of Stripe if you are having issues with your bank account connecting with Stripe please reach out to their support team at ( Cleanify will be unable to access your information to assist Pros due to the secure nature of Stripe. 


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