How does pricing work? How much do the professionals get paid?

Pricing on Cleanify is similar to pricing of hotels in that it can vary depending on a number of factors including location, time of the week or month, availability, notice ahead of the booking, and promotions. These prices change regularly and can vary from $25/hour and up. A quote that you get one day could be different for a different day and could change at any time. What's consistently true is that discounts are provided for booking a recurring service.

Professionals on Cleanify are generally paid between 80-95% of the total booking cost (before taxes) that the customer pays. The professional chooses the rate they want to be paid and are offered jobs at that rate and sometimes at other rates depending on the availability of other pros. Pros are offered rates up to 2x the rate the customer pays in some cases.

Cleanify is always improving the pricing to optimize the customer experience and the payout for pros.

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