How do ratings work? How do I get 5-star ratings?

Customer satisfaction ratings are crucial to your success on Cleanify. About 40% of customers leave ratings for services completed on Cleanify. These ratings can help your Cleanify Storefront flourish as you maximize the impact of your online reputation with verified purchase reviews.

If customers rate less than 5 stars, they will be prompted to provide reasons why it wasn't a five star cleaning which you will receive as immediate feedback to improve your service.

Pros who get the most 5 star ratings and positive reviews consistently do the following things right:

  1. Dress Professionally - Dress as a professional like you are ready to work. A cleaning apron or other professional clothing can make a world of difference as a first impression to the customer.
  2. Bring appropriate supplies (click here)
  3. Communicate and arrive on time - Send a text or call the customer within one hour of the start of the start window to update on the exact arrival time. Let them know your name, your cleaning business name, and that you are the cleaning service booked via Cleanify. Customers get a reminder message from Cleanify in the morning on the day of the Cleaning letting them know the name of the cleaning service professional coming to their space. For example, you can send: "Hi Diana, Mateo here from Sparkling Cleaning via Cleaning. We're expected to arrive between 1:30-1:45pm. I see in the notes it says to call you upon arrival, so we'll call you then!"
  4. Be friendly and smile - Cleanify is making human connections to create clean spaces, and we believe that positive relationships start with a smile.
  5. Gather requirements of the customer before cleaning starts - If possible, perform a quick walk-through of the space with the customer or call the customer as you walk through the place if they are not there. Understand the type of cleaning and add-ons booked, what's typically included, the customer's specific booking notes, the customer's preferences for the job and ensure the requirements are in line with the labor hours requested. (read more)
  6. During the cleaning, communicate any important questions to clarify requirements.
  7. Ask the customer to do a walk-through the space before you leave to ensure it's cleaned to their satisfaction.
  8. Use a sign-off form to document their approval on site (read more).
  9. Ask for a review on Cleanify - tell the customer they will get a request for review and tip after the service and you'd appreciate their feedback and review.
  10. Ask them to book you again at your own personalized Cleanify storefront (learn more).

*Pro Tip - Customers who leave you a positive review are more likely to book you again in the future!

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